Please be patient

To all of our Kickstarter backers and pre-order customers: we appreciate your support and enthusiasm!

For those of you who have not yet received your Mycestros: please, be patient. Our goal is to answer 100% of all inbound emails and calls. Unfortunately, we are now spending more time replying to order queries than shipping out Mycestros.

Yes, it’s been over a year for our Kickstarter backers; we want you to have your Mycestros as much as you do. Our painstaking process is designed to ensure that you receive a Mycestro in good working order. When we receive a batch of Mycestros from our manufacturer, we fully charge each individual Mycestro, pair it to a dongle, and run them through a 23-point testing process; Nick himself has tested over half of the Mycestros. When you reach the front of the queue, you will receive an email from us confirming your shipping address.

To our international customers: we have been quietly shipping overseas for several weeks now, and will continue to do so. We have to sort out the customs and shipping requirements for each individual country. Because of issues with damaged packages, please don’t be surprised if we follow up with you personally to make sure your Mycestro arrived.

To the 1,000+ folks who have already received their Mycestros: keep sending us those emails. We particularly love those suggestions for future improvements! The constructive feedback has been brilliant and deeply appreciated.

Again, thank you all. We are working as fast as we can.

7 Responses to “Please be patient”

  1. allrightyo 07/01/2014 at 11:26 am #

    Hello! Sounds like there’s a lot of focus on testing the product before shipping out a fault item, which is to be admired.

    What I’d like to suggest is to consider the time/cost/benefit of the team spending valuable time to testing each item to find ALL faulty items (the true positives) vs. shipping more items after initial testing. You’re essentially taking a chance that there might be some faulty items to replace in the future (true positives) and you might have to deal with some items that work but were, lets say, 1D10T user errors (false positives).

    Now, understanding that you have some international orders which are harder to replace, perhaps change the testing process so International orders go through the full range of testing, and domestic products only go through limited testing. Limited testing being, quick checks to ensure hardware is functional and firmware is recent enough. Forget calibrations and firmware updates in case you fix issues while testing; leave that to us; let us help by being the “gamma” testers.

    Three assumptions I’m making for my suggestion:
    a.) You have multiple iterations of testing with some overlap on what’s being tested
    b.) Your testing is at a decent pass rate (lets say above 2 ∑, or 95%), and c.) the initial set of buyers are techies by majority, who: are eager to get the product in hand, wouldn’t have a problem being “gamma testers”, understand that it’s a new product and sometimes things go bad at random, and are willing to go through return/replace if it doesn’t work.

    That’s my two cents in an effort to assist (and not to criticize) the work you’re doing… can’t wait to use it!

  2. wkstan2001 06/15/2014 at 8:59 pm #


    I’m oversea backer from Malaysia. Is there a tentative date that you will be shipping the goods?

    • Stephanie 06/17/2014 at 2:49 pm #

      Wkstan, we are currently shipping white, right-handed Mycestros internationally. I’m going to send your question to Customer Service at so that they can look up your order and give you a personal answer.

  3. Walter 06/15/2014 at 12:40 pm #

    I’ve now sent 2 emails indicating that I’ve never received a survey. I can’t confirm information in a survey I never received. I’m beginning to think I have been ripped off since I can’t seem to elicit a reply.

  4. marclallen 06/10/2014 at 4:05 pm #

    Honestly, it is not necessary to take everything as an attack. It’s not.

    Have you turned on the manufacturer to start manufacturing colors and handed-ness? Are they slow to respond? Are you arguing over exact pantone IDs? Are you having an issue slowing you down? Did you take a day off for a much needed picnic with the staff?

    Tell us! Take those five minutes every week or every few days and tell us.

    Let us know you’re still alive and kicking. Give us the illusion of mattering. And if you’re thinking “of course you matter,” then I gotta tell ya… this silence, requiring us to extract teeth from you to get communication is certainly giving us the illusion that we don’t.

    Do I really need to go into details why it’s so important to communicate with over 3000 preorder customers?

    Now, instead of actually replying to me.. take that valuable time and post an update. Even if there’s nothing much to say…. shipping numbers for last week.. whatever.


  5. marclallen 06/09/2014 at 12:50 pm #

    Frankly, you would receive fewer order enquiries if you kept everyone up to date. This is the first piece of information in almost two months, and you wonder why people are constantly pinging you about it?

    What are your current manufacturing/shipping timeframes on left handed? Black? Colored? How many do you ship a day?

    • Stephanie 06/10/2014 at 3:04 pm #

      Marclallan, we are working on black right-handed next, to be followed by the left-handed and the other colors. We don’t have timeframes because our manufacturer hasn’t given us solid delivery dates.

      Our shipping quantities are erratic, because it depends on product delivery from the manufacturer, how well the batch performs in QA testing, and how many folks positively confirm their addresses. I can honestly say that we are working crazy hours to get them out as fast as possible.

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