Mycestro works with Google Cardboard

For the Google Cardboard fans asking Customer Service if Mycestro works with their favorite VR system: here’s an image I tweeted on May 15th.

Mycestro works with Google Cardboard

Our founder, Nick Mastandrea uses his Mycestro as a controller with Google Cardboard and his Android smartphone. He only needed to buy a USB-to-mini USB adapter for our wireless dongle (which cost him ~$10). In this picture he’s playing Swivel Gun! VR Log Ride (he let me play too; it was great fun).

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I hope this assures you that the Mycestro will work with Google Cardboard. But please remember: we’re plug-and-play with Windows, OS X, Linux, and Android. We don’t yet work with other operating systems.

May part of your reality always be virtual, Google Cardboard users. :)

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