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A road warrior rates Mycestro an A

Susan Bewley of Budget Earth is a professional writer and road warrior who she speaks knowledgeably about the hazards of travel computing: “Unfortunately, having the room for an external mouse and mouse pad can be tricky, especially if you are working in a car or very limited space such as an airplane, or some hotel […]

Mycestro on ThinkGeek

Many of us here at Innovative Devices are geeks and long-standing customers of, the finest website that caters to the needs of the nerd community. So it is a special honor for us to announce that, as of today, ThinkGeek has added the Mycestro for their US and Canada product lineup. ThinkGeek customers can […]

Featured in the InfoWorld 2014 Geek Gadget Gift Guide

We’re honored to be included in the InfoWorld 2014 Geek Gadget Gift Guide! We’re #8 in Galen Gruman’s slideshow of 12 gadgets which make great gifts for the geek in your life. You can see the entire Guide by clicking here. In addition, you can see all of our recent press here.

Benvenuto, Wired Italy!

Our resident Inventor-in-Chief, Nick Mastandrea, has roots in Italy, so he, his family, and our company were delighted to see the Mycestro reviewed in Wired Italy. Grazie! You can read the article here in Italian.