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Young fan makes Android art!

Lexi (age 4) may not be our youngest fan, but she’s definitely in the running for cutest! Using a micro-USB-to-USB adapter to plug the Mycestro dongle into a Samsung Galaxy S4 phone (running Android, of course), Lexi created art in Autodesk Sketchbook. Here she is painting enthusiastically with a Mycestro. Her finished artwork is below; […]

Treadmill desks and Mycestros

Shannon sent us this shot of her ergonomic setup, complete with standing desk, treadmill, split keyboard…and her new Mycestro. The Mycestro, she says, “…is the best mouse ever made. It is the mouse of my dreams. It is the technological and ergonomic love of my life.” Wow! We’re delighted that the Mycestro has made you […]

Mycestro on a plane

The Mycestro was born on a plane while our founder, Nick Mastandrea, watched a businessman seated in coach struggling to use a traditional mouse with his laptop. We thank Michael S. again for this picture of him mycestro-ing on a plane. We think that the stranger in the seat next to him may be suffering […]

Mycestro-ing at 2 mph

We have Mycestro customers who own standing desks; their Mycestros let them control their cursors while their arms hang comfortably at their sides. But we’re excited to have met Skip, who is our first known customer with a treadmill desk! Skip, a cancer survivor, has been focusing on living a healthier lifestyle. He made the […]

Tayler: a happy Mycestro user

Normally in this blog we focus on pictures of Mycestro user setups, but Taylor looked so happy with his Mycestro that we couldn’t resist posting his selfie instead of his setup! Taylor tells us: “The Mycestro is a great alternative to using a real mouse. I like not having to keep my hand cramped over […]

Mycestro with 3 monitors

Jeff sent us the following picture with the comment: “I love my Mycestro. Three screens with pinpoint accuracy and 8+ hours of battery life. Wireless magic.” Jeff, thanks for the picture. We are now suffering from monitor envy. Nice TARDIS, too. :)

Mycestro manipulates data

Thank you, Sebastian, for the following picture and quote: “The Mycestro substitutes my mouse for daily use in data comparison, PowerPoint and large data sets. My Mycestro allows me to keep both hands on the keyboard even when I have to move or arrange objects on the screen.” Impressive-looking data on those two monitors, Sebastian!

Rodrigo remarks on Mycestro

Rodrigo sent us a picture of his Mycestro, with the following observations: “I’m a programmer guy. With Mycestro, my hands stay on my keyboard all the time. Mycestro gives me agility and speed to do my work.” Rodrigo, we completely agree that the Mycestro is more efficient than a traditional mouse. Thank you for the […]

Power user Pablo

We welcome Pablo to the ranks of Mycestro power users. In his own words on Facebook: “‪#‎Mycestro‬ has become my full time mouse, both at work and at home. I feel weird using a traditional mouse now. Thanks Mycestro Team, amazing job!” Thanks for the great picture, Pablo, and we’re glad that you’re enjoying your […]

Spectrum 5GHz video review

Spectrum 5GHz has posted a great Mycestro video review on YouTube. The small screen-in-screen shows him manipulating the Mycestro, while the large screen shows the cursor movement; we can see that he has mastered the wrist action that works well with Mycestro. Interestingly, he’s wearing his Mycestro on his middle finger; some folks do find […]

Entertaining WDINT video review

Alistair Cohen is an independent reviewer of interesting gadgets. His YouTube channel is entitled “Why Do I Need That?” We’re honored that the Mycestro reached the top of his review list! See his highly entertaining video review.