Its a “Why Not!” sale

I was thinking, Mycestro is such a great product, why not offer a great discount.  Mycestro is now on sale. We are offering a $20.00 discount on the next 20 Mycestro purchased up until the end of March.  So..get yours while the sale is still running. Just use coupon code   Why Not!  at checkout

A long time coming….

After 52 years, Cleveland once again has won a national championship. The long drought is OVER! You cannot imagine the hysteria in this town right now. Luckily, some of us only moved here within the last decade, so we’re posting a sale while the rest of the office continues to scream their heads off, LOL. […]

US customers: last chance for Christmas!

Want to send that special someone a Mycestro for Christmas? If you order a Mycesetro for delivery to a US address, and you place your order before 3pm Cleveland time (EST), for TODAY ONLY we will ship USPS Priority Mail. For most US customers, that ensures that they will receive their Mycestros by Christmas. So […]

Did somebody say…”sale”?

We’re having such a great time in Boston at the PI Congress show, that we want to share the joy! Now is your chance to buy a Mycestro for $20 off the regular price. For a limited time only, the Mycestro will be on sale for $129. And don’t forget to drop by and see […]

Young fan makes Android art!

Lexi (age 4) may not be our youngest fan, but she’s definitely in the running for cutest! Using a micro-USB-to-USB adapter to plug the Mycestro dongle into a Samsung Galaxy S4 phone (running Android, of course), Lexi created art in Autodesk Sketchbook. Here she is painting enthusiastically with a Mycestro. Her finished artwork is below; […]

A road warrior rates Mycestro an A

Susan Bewley of Budget Earth is a professional writer and road warrior who she speaks knowledgeably about the hazards of travel computing: “Unfortunately, having the room for an external mouse and mouse pad can be tricky, especially if you are working in a car or very limited space such as an airplane, or some hotel […]

Treadmill desks and Mycestros

Shannon sent us this shot of her ergonomic setup, complete with standing desk, treadmill, split keyboard…and her new Mycestro. The Mycestro, she says, “…is the best mouse ever made. It is the mouse of my dreams. It is the technological and ergonomic love of my life.” Wow! We’re delighted that the Mycestro has made you […]

Mycestro works with Google Cardboard

For the Google Cardboard fans asking Customer Service if Mycestro works with their favorite VR system: here’s an image I tweeted on May 15th. Our founder, Nick Mastandrea uses his Mycestro as a controller with Google Cardboard and his Android smartphone. He only needed to buy a USB-to-mini USB adapter for our wireless dongle (which […]

Mycestros are (again) for sale in our Shop

My apologies to our newest customers who had to call and email us to place their Mycestro orders over the last week. In addition, my thanks to those customers who sent us screenshots and detailed descriptions, which helped us hunt down the bugs. The Shop should be working fine now. Remember, if you ever need […]

United States Patent #9,110,505

It’s official! The Mycestro is now patented technology. Our Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Nick Mastandrea, filed our first patent back in April 2010. Today, 64 months later, the US Patent Office has issued it…proof that good things come to those who wait!

Abilities says Mycestro is fun and fabulous

The Canadian Abilities Foundation is a nonprofit organization that publishes Abilities, a “lifestyle magazine for people with disabilities.” The Mycestro is featured as a “Fun and Fabulous High-Tech Product” in the Abilities Summer 2015 issue. We’ve never been called fun and fabulous before; we’re flattered! You can read the Abilities Summer 2015 issue here.